Madrid. Day 1

26 September, 2012

Finally the day has come! The Bag in Town Creative Factory is here. 6 designers, 6 projects, 6 dreams that come true.

The first day of the workshop was a big brainstorming we really enjoyed. Is it possible to have a clear picture about the user of the future? This was the challenge we took.

The arrival of the participants to the Creative Factory was by surprise, nobody knew anything about the workshop and about what are they going to do for the next 3 days.

After some required introductions and presentations of the EASTPAK and IED tutors, the designers began to work on the main concepts of the projects: who is going to be the user of their bag and it  main functionalities.

Quality, change, captivating, urban, dynamic, uniqueness, security, functional… those where some of the concepts shared by the designers. A starting point from where they imagined the final user. A collection of hipsters, stylish girls, demonstrators, skaters, people that want to live easily surrounded by functional objects to take care about the real important things in life.

What does all this people want about life and what do they demand from a bag? Those are the questions to be faced in the second day of Bag in Town, don’t miss it!

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