Ana Margarita Jimenez_2

Ana Margarita Jiménez


24 years.

Muntinlupa, Philippines

Project: AllLight

BIO: I am a proud 24-year old Filipino woman. In my country, there are 7,107 islands –all with beautiful sights, tasty dishes and colorful traditions that make each one unique and interesting.

I live in this nation’s capital – Manila. This is where I grew up, where I gained a Business Administration degree from the University of the Philippines, and where I now work in a multinational company, handling petcare products.

I live a fast-paced life, but once in a while, my busy day pauses when I witness a moment that gives me insight into human needs that have yet to be satisfied. These moments fuel my desire to be able to design simple solutions to make these daily life experiences easier or better for people. Fulfillment for me comes from exploring different ways of thinking, of creating and of living.

I have yet to have formal training in drawing, modeling and design, but I am inspired enough to learn because I know I can draw creativity from my own experiences and from real life stories of the people around me.

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